Deshaun Watsonek Browns-en denboraldi-aurrekoa hasiko du NFL-k denboraldi luzeko etetea bilatzen duen bitartean


The Cleveland Browns iragarri Wednesday that scandal-plagued quarterback Deshaun Watson will start the team’s preseason opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday, despite a suspension looming over a series of sexual misconduct allegations.


A disciplinary officer handed down a six-game suspension for Watson at the beginning of the month, but the National Football League is appealing the ruling, arguing Watson’s behavior justifies a full-season ban.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell put former New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey in charge of ruling on the appeal, which will represent the final ruling in the league’s disciplinary process.

Ez dago no timetable for when Harvey will make a decision.

Gertakari harrigarria

It’s become increasingly rare in recent years for top players, especially quarterbacks, to play in preseason games.

Aurreko gakoa

Watson’s six-game suspension infuriated many observers given the long list of allegations against the quarterback. Twenty-four women filed lawsuits against Watson for alleged sexual misconduct during massage sessions when he was quarterback for the Houston Texans, and he has settled 23 of those suits. A Harris County grand jury chose not to bring criminal charges against Watson in March following a criminal investigation. The Texans traded Watson shortly thereafter to the Browns in a blockbuster deal, with Houston receiving three first-round draft picks and other compensation in return. Watson agreed to a five-year, $230 million contract with the Browns after the trade—the largest fully guaranteed contract ever in the NFL.

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