Crypto adituak Ethereum prezioen maila gakoa identifikatzen du $ 1,500ra iristeko

Bezala kriptokonferentzia merkatua continues to switch between green and red after a difficult few weeks, Ethereum (ETH) is making small daily gains, leading crypto experts to identify crucial levels for these modest increases to continue.

Hain zuzen ere, Ethereum is facing crucial Erresistentzia at around $1,200-$1,2500, which it needs to break in order to push toward the first price target at $1,336 and the second at $1,547, according to an analisia arabera kriptografiako merkataritza expert Michaël van de Poppe, published on November 24.

As he added:

“Preferably want to see it sustain above $1,150.”

Bitcoin price action analysis. Source: Michael van de Poppe

Hori ere aipatzekoa da Bitcoincenter’s Ethereum rainbow chart had earlier urratu the ‘Fire sale’ spot, the lowest band on the chart, last recorded in March 2020, as it was left without any lined-up catalysts that could trigger a bullish Korrika egin.

Low price = chance to accumulate?

Meanwhile, the current price of Ethereum seems to have captured the attention of shark and balea investors (holding between 100 and 100,000 ETH), as they have been metatu at the most significant rate in two years.

Ethereum sharks’ and whales’ accumulation. Source: Santiment

On top of that, the crypto community remains bullish on the price of Ethereum by the year’s end, kalkulatzeko it would trade at an average of $1,465 on December 31, 2022, although this is a slightly lower prediction than the one lehenago jakinarazi by Finbold, which stood at $1,509.

Ethereum prezioen azterketa

At press time, Ethereum was approaching Van de Poppe’s resistance zone, trading at $1,195, up 2.33% on the day. However, it was still down 0.39% across the previous week, adding up to the cumulative loss of 11.56% on the monthly chart.

Ethereum 7-day price chart. Source: Finbold

With its market capitalization standing at $146.18 billion, Ethereum retains the position of the second-largest decentralized finance (defi) token, second only to Bitcoin (BTC), as per CoinMarketCap data retrieved by Finbold on November 24.

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